Wow, now you’re really turning my head around (and around and around). All this time I’ve been thinking he was just an asshole who got elected by pulling standard con man tricks. I still think that’s true, but if he’s actually working for Satan, well, I don’t know, maybe this could turn out to be a good thing after all.

I’d about had it with the creeps in the White House who all professed to bow down to that Jehovah guy … the one who has a written legacy of promoting murder, rape, slavery, genocide and so on … so it could be a breath of fresh air if Satan got a chance to run things.

Now, that Pence guy, he claims to be one of the Jehovah followers, so maybe y’all might want to back off just a tad on the impeachment shit and give Satan a chance to clean up Jehovah’s mess. Plus, those of us who are fans of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll would like to have a little fling.

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