Sometimes, the things people write tell more about themselves than they do about the subject. This is the case here.

By her narrative, the author reveals that she has neither the training nor the mindset to be either a trader or an investor.

Until she acquires the necessary attributes, she should stick to being a wage slave and whining with envy about those who have succeeded in making money work for them instead of them working for money.

I myself have watched the recent drop in BTC with fascination, wondering if it might enter into a huge free-fall that would bring it down to an area where I might comfortably add to my holding.

But I accept that as a very remote possibility.

In all likelihood, other buyers will step in, prop up up the price far higher than I would find attractive and send it on its way to the moon again, leaving me holding just my paltry stash. But I'm happy to be there, never in a panic about anything, accepting the gains I get, never getting greedy and acting rashly.

Nomadic writer, realist, voluntaryist, nudist, singer, drummer, harmonica and recorder player, composer, gadfly, runner, troublemaker, survivor so far.

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